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"Life is Timing"

The story of the world is here
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The First Step
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앞으로의 만남도 기대하면서...


Looking forward to the future...

CEO Hong Pictures 

PD    Hong Eun-hee  

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마지막 야생동물 시리즈

21세기의 지구는 기후변화로 심각한 생태 변화를 겪고 있다.

이는 단순 환경오염의 차원을 넘어 

모든 생명체의 소소한 생활에도 영향을 미치며 

이제는 세계인들의 관심사가 된 전 지구적인 문제다.

그래서 기획된 마지막 멸종위기의 야생동물 시리즈. 

지구에 사라져가는 표범, 야크, 늑대, 고래 등 

멸종위기의 야생동물을 통해 함께 깊이 생각해보는

기회를 마련한다. 

Series the last wildlife 

The earth is undergoing serious ecological changes due to climate change.

This goes beyond simple environmental pollution

It affects the small lives of all living things

Now, it is a global problem that has become a concern of the people of the world.

So, Series was planned “the last wildlife” 

It provides an opportunity to think deeply about the last endangered wildlife such as leopards, yaks, wolves, and whales etc that are disappearing from the earth. 

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Hong Pictures Story


The Last Wildlife


Seoul, Korea

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Yak's Love


Anan & Wangpeng & Me


Broken Boundaries 

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